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Emily Trotochaud

Emily Trotochaud Headshot 2.jpg

Boston, MA

Emily Trotochaud is a passionate chef, teacher and maker. After receiving her Bachelors in Fine Arts from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, she became a full time production potter for Jill Rosenwald and Lawrence McRae. With her combined passion for food and craft, she began looking for another creative outlet outside of work. This led her to starting a 100 Day Project - 100 Days of Pasta. It wasn’t long after that she began teaching private cooking workshops out of her home and all over New England. 


Find more information about scheduling a private workshop here - or take a class with her this at a Trustee's of Reservation Property! 

Catch her on a special episode of Chopped on Food Network in September 2019 (Brady Bunch Bash). 

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