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Semolina Shapes

orichiette closeup 100 days of pasta.jpg

shape with your hands or with a butter knife


​This shape can be tricky to master at first, but requires no special tools, just patience and a little luck.  Using a butter knife or a scraper, you can make these cute "little ears" that pair great with pesto, tomato sauce, or my favorite, greens/sausage and lemon.  


rolled by hand, then shaped with fingertips, perfect for kids !


​Capunti are an easy shape to master, and you can really make them your own by changing the initial shape or rolling them on a texture!  My favorite is to make these on a cheese grater, the little bumps come out so perfect and they hold onto sauce really well.  

pile of trofie, handmade pasta, 100 days

can be shaped with a scraper or by hand


These were my "white whale" of pasta shapes, I just couldn't get it down, but once I figured it out they quickly became one of my favorite shapes to make. I've got a bunch of tricks and tips for making these cute spirals.  You'll need a scraper of some kind to make them, or if you're feeling ambitious, you can just use the side of your hand!

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Find recipes for traditional egg based pasta here.

Gnocchi sardi closeup, 100 days of pasta

​Dont let the name fool you, these aren't your average gnocchi.  The shape is the only thing that similar, these little guys get stretched (usually over a texture) and basically end up being like homemade shells.  Dont have a texture board?  Thats okay! Try rolling them over a fork to give them this ridged look 

shape with your hands or with the help of a scraper

Gnocchi Sardi/Malledorous

coming soon
lorighittas closeup, 100 days of pasta.j

These guys are easier than they look.  A long piece of dough is rolled thin, then looped around your fingers and twirled.  I promise its easier than it sounds.  My favorite pairing for these was seafood with a white wine, lemon and butter sauce. 

rolled and shaped by hand


coming soon

These hand rolled noodles are a simple one to make! Thick, chewy and delicious, each noodle is hand rolled. I love simple sauces with this, think lots of garlic, olive oil and red pepper flakes. The goal here is to let the pasta and it's texture really shine. 

rolled and shaped by hand


coming soon
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