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Sourdough Discard Waffles

If you've recently hopped on the sourdough train you've likely found yourself with an excess of sourdough discard - the portion of the starter that needs to be removed each time you feed your starter. I try to use it right away, but recently have started keeping a container of it in the refrigerator, it will keep pretty well there, and has really helped me cut back on waste!

These Sourdough Discard Waffles are such an easy thing to make - if you're anything like me you remember to feed your starter in the wee hours of the night, right before going to bed, and even in that state it's easy to quickly throw ingredients together for waffles in the morning. If you don't have a starter, but want to experience the wonder that is a yeasted waffle I would try making this version on Smitten Kitchen - the texture and flavor are amazing.

Sourdough Discard Waffles

Makes 4 Large Round Waffles, and is easily doubled

I love these waffles because of the texture. The overnight rest not only gives that signature yeasty sourdough flavor a chance to develop - it also allows the flour proteins to loosen up and form more gluten bonds than a normal quick waffle recipe might. This results in a crispier outside and chewy moist interior. I'm obsessed with them and hope you will be too.


1 cup AP flour (130g)

1/2 cup water (130g)

3/4 cup of Sourdough Discard (180g)*

1/4 cup of neutral oil or melted butter

1 lg egg

1 tbsp sugar

1 tsp vanilla

1 tsp of diamond crystal kosher salt (use half that amount if using a different kind)

1/2 tsp baking soda dissolved in 1/2 tbsp water

*I've made this recipe with as little as 1/2 cup of starter and its worked just fine, the weight would be about 130g. Feel free to use any amount between 130g -180g.

The night before combine sourdough discard and water in a medium sized bowl (this mixture will double in size overnight.) When starter is well distributed in the water add the flour and stir well. Cover and let rest at room temperature overnight.

The next morning heat your waffle iron. Uncover your batter, it should be nearly doubled in size. Add oil, egg, sugar, vanilla, salt and baking soda dissolved in water. Stir into the flour and starter mixture. At first it will look as if it doesn't want to come together (remember you're essentially mixing oil and water) but after a minute or so it will come together.

Mix until there are no distinct egg pieces or pools of oil, then cook on a well greased waffle iron according to manufacturers directions. On my waffle iron they take about 3 minutes.

Serve immediately with maple syrup, and if you're feeling particularly indulgent, butter too. Waffles can be kept warm in the oven before serving, keep on a rack at around 170F.

Waffle batter keeps for about 24 hours, store in a covered container in the refrigerator.


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