This shape can be tricky to master at first, but requires no special tools, just patience and a little luck.  Using a butter knife or a scraper, you can make these cute "little ears" that pair great with pesto, tomato sauce, or my favorite, greens/sausage and lemon.  


Capunti are an easy shape to master, and you can really make them your own by changing the initial shape or rolling them on a texture!  My favorite is to make these on a cheese grater, the little bumps come out so perfect and they hold onto sauce really well.  Try them with a mushroom/bacon/marsala wine sauce.  


These were my "white whale" of pasta shapes, I just couldn't get it down, but once I figured it out they quickly became one of my favorite shapes to make.  Don't worry, you won't struggle like I did, I've got a bunch of tricks and tips for making these cute spirals.  You'll need a scraper of some kind to make them (I think you might be able to use a credit card!)

Gnocchi Sardi

Dont let the name fool you, these aren't your average gnocchi.  The shape is the only thing that similar, these little guys get stretched (usually over a texture) and basically end up being like homemade shells.  Dont have a texture board?  Thats okay! Try rolling them over a fork to give them this ridged look 


These guys are easier than they look.  A long piece of dough is rolled thin, then looped around your fingers and twirled.  I promise its easier than it sounds.  My favorite pairing for these was seafood with a white wine, lemon and butter sauce. 

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